Our Mission

Making Liberia Hepatitis Free

Our Mission Statement

Let's make Liberia Hepatitis Free


The Liberia National Hepatitis Foundation was an idea conceived in 2014 when the founder, Layal Kazouh, was writing her dissertation on Hepatitis B. Following the sad death of her half-sister in 2011 due to liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B, Miss Kazouh developed an interest in the disease and she wanted to find out the burden of the disease in Montserrado County in Liberia. However, when Miss Kazouh went searching for data in hospitals and at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, there was not substantial information available about which to write a graduate degree thesis. Miss Kazouh became very concerned, especially when she began to talk to people about hepatitis B. she realized that the level of awareness amongst the people that were most vulnerable was almost none- existent. It became apparent to her that she must do something about it.

Miss Kazouh obtained her Master’s degree in Epidemiology, and she is now following her heart to make her country Hepatitis free; thus the Liberia National Hepatitis Foundation was established. To bring awareness and education to the population about the effects of Hepatitis and provide ideas on how to avoid contracting the deadly disease.


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