Hepatitis Awareness Campaign and Patients Consultation

Liberia National Hepatitis Foundation specializes in providing awareness to various targeted groups on the different types of Hepatitis and their effects . Our goal is to help ourselves irradicate this silent killer from our country through awareness and information on how to properly care for oneself if diagnozed with Hepatitis.



People who are diagnozed with Hepatitis can call on the Liberia National Hepatitis Foundation to tell them about a change in lifestyle that could help their body fight the virus and prevent further aggravation of the diagnosis. 

Our current targeted awareness groups include Senior High students, and Health Care Workers as well as small business owners in the Beauty Industry.


The LNHF carries out awareness in and around Liberia to schools, churchrs, market places and various community and organizations.

Patient Consultation

The LNHF  team consults with patients of various types of hepatitis to help them cope with being a carrier of the virus and also educate them about the disease to avoid infecting others.


LNHF offers testing to target groups at risk such as furute health workers.


LNHF offers vaccination to target groups at risk to health workers and future health workers such as student of nursing schools and medical schools.